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Masina de croit automata – Takatori Tak-175TB TAKATORI


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– the effective workspace: 170 x 200 cm, 
– the length of the receiver desk 210 cm,
– maximum layer thickness: 5 cm after compressing (approx. 8 – 15 cm     of freely lying material, depending on the thickness and structure) 
– speed of working blade: 4,500 rpm, 
– cutting speed: up to 60m / min
– power supply: 400V / 50 Hz, 
– maximum power consumption: 25 kW (38KVA)
– turbine power: max. 15 kW, 
– pressure: 5 bar (0.5 MPa), the essential compressor with min 140 l /     min
– equipped with Cutting Advisor software, which allows you to manage the cutting and cutter parameters. Compatible with all CAD systems, that generate cutting files in ISO format
– MOVING&CUTTING function – continuation of the cutting, while transporting the material: saves time and enhances the efficiency up tp 5-10%, depending on the model

– blade 1.6 x 6 mm (ensures precise cutting). Driven by servo motor 750 W
– blade cooling mechanism, with the possibility of adjusting the amount of the air supply: it lowers the temperature of the blades and prevents from melting/ gluing together cut materials with a high content of synthetic fibers
– blade stabilization mechanism: it reduces blades vibrations, noise and reduces the wear of the cutting unit
– sharpener: 2 rotating grinding stones, rotary speed of 6,000 rpm, sharpening both sides of the blade at the same time. Automatic measurement of the physical thickness of the blade prevents from damage
– drill – 2 mm diameter. You can install up to 3 drills: needle (diameter of 1.5 – 3 mm) or cutter (diameter 25 mm). Adjustable work speed up to 6.000 rpm. Servo motor driven.
– suction turbine motor: power 15 kW, smooth regulation of the suction power, maximum pressure of 160 mbar. Stable level of suctioning power provides high quality cutting. The turbine has a function of preventing the pressure drop while cutting
– sealing foil (membrane): reduces pressure loss, reduces noise, prevents the increase in power consumption after cutting layers
– Super Cut – software for parameters and cutting path editing (starting points, cutting direction, order, notches, moving and changing individual elements direction, removing elements and lines, etc.)
– transfer – possibility to use cutter for cutting on multiple cutting workplaces 

– additional drill (altogether 3)
– camera – to control the starting point, the accuracy of applied material

– barcode reader 

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